SGRho Socks by Cultured

1922 Sock – SGRho Socks by Cultured

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PREORDER the “1922 Sock” — SGRho Socks by Cultured. Designed by Greeks for Greeks, you’re going to love the latest Sigma Gamma Rho addition to our D9 Collection!

** PLEASE NOTE YOU ARE PRE-ORDERING THIS SOCK at a discounted rate ($9.99). All of Cultured’s socks and apparel are produced locally in North Carolina and will arrive to your mailbox on a first-come, first-served basis between February 12 and March 5, 2018. We guarantee delivery prior to March 5, 2018!


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Product Description

Designed and manufactured right here in North Carolina, Cultured’s socks are unisex and made of:

62% Combed Cotton
33% Nylon
3% Polyester
2% Elastane

Size: 6-12
Length: Mid Calf